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"A comprehensive Guide"

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Troll Culture now availible as a book (with tons of bonus content and my eternal gratitude) if you're too lazy to read on screen:

This website is a part of my book on troll culture, that focuses more on posting
ideas or pictures related to the topic. If you are here, chances are you followed the link in the back of my book.
The conclusion of the book can be found here:
Conclusion of the book

If you don't come from the book, you can read it online on this website:
Troll Culture - Online Version
For easier navigation, you can use the table of contents:
Troll Culture - Table of Contents

You can also download the pdf for free here:
Troll Culture PDF

!!!NEW!!! Download the book in .epub format for free here:

In the near future, I will offer a printed version of the book, if you don't
like to read longer texts on-screen.

If you like the work, tell your friends, buy the book or donate.
Not because I wrote the book to make money, but because you are not a real player on the Internet
until you buy crap from INT€RN€₮ MO₪E¥!!1
If I get enough, I'll buy a big ass cup of icecream!

In the FAQ-section, I will answer common questions about my work, the style
I've chosen and how to use this site, if you are not familiar with image-boards.

Navigating this site

Now a few words to the structure of the site:
On the top left corner of the screen is the navigation.
The site is divided into Sections, which each have boards.
Some of the sections are read only, some are open for comments from everybody on the internet.
No signup needed.

The section "Thesis" deals with my thesis - obviously.
/t/ is the board where you can find the online version of my text.
on /i/ you will find various images related to trolling.
/n/ is dedicated to post-diploma news and updates on troll culture.
/a/ is about actions. Things I do and document, or simply inspiration for
trolling out of the can.

The section "unlocked" contains the boards in which people can comment on the
work or post their own ideas for trolling.

/c/ is for comments and feedback to my thesis
/tr/ is for your contributions on troll culture
/b/ is an hommage to the most known imageboard in western culture.
You may post whatever you like on this board, as long as it is not illegal in Germany.


I'd like to thank all of the staff-members from Merz-Akademie for their help,
especially my supervisor Prof. Olia Lialina for her valuable feedback and support.
I'd also like to thank Dragan Espenschied and Prof Olia Lialina for teaching me and the other students love and respect for internet users.

Thanks go also out to Jörg Frohnmayer for his support and help, by simulating our exams with us.

I'd also like to thank my girlfriend, who made me delicious sammiches,
while I was busy doin' science and stuff.
Just kidding. She's awesome and made me a cake. It was not a lie!
I'd also like to thank my parents ,my whole family and my friends for their support on this project. YOU'RE THE BEST! If you still have questions, feel free to email me:

Troll Culture in the Media

Here is a collection of media stuff about the book:
Matei Sâmihăian interviewed me for Pooool Magazine
Claire Connelly interviewed me for her story on trolls at australian site
Deutschlandfunk interviewed me about Trolling (german)
Audio of a speech I held at the Media Space Festival in Stuttgart Germany (german)
Astrid Herbold interviewed me fot Zeit(german)
Awesome article about Troll Culture from Marie Lechner for écrans. Whish I'd understand more of it.(french)
Nerdcore - one of Germanys Top Blogs wrote about my thesis
prosthetic knowledge makes Troll Culture go kinda viral on tumblr

If you have questions, feel free to ask me anytime:

...or add me on twitter: @falkenberg1