Troll Culture

"A comprehensive Guide"

Q: What is this site? #

This site is the practical part to my thesis about Troll Culture. It is an addon to the book, but also provides an online version of the text.

Q: You wrote about troll culture? #

Yes. I'm a german New Media/Design student from Merz Akademie in Stuttgart.
Our academy is heavily influenced by art, media- and cultural-theory. I myself am influenced by Prof.Olia Lialina's and Dragan Espenschied's
work on amateur Internet culture. Besides that, I was always fascinated by offbeat internet
underground viral culture things. (inb4 hipster) Regarding Trolls, I was very unhappy with the situation as it was.
Hardly anything positive has been said or written about the topic and there were pretty much no books about trolling.
This is not surprising however. Writing a scientific thesis about a topic that is characterised by deception is hard,
but in this case, your primary sources (4chan for example) delete themselves after a few hours on average, making the research even more difficult.
I decided not to refrain from telling a story, just because I couldn't find the proper author, who came up first with it.
This requirement of scientific work, which is absolutely neccessary and good elsewhere, makes it impossible to write about troll culture in an interesting and fitting way.
Often there is no such thing as THE AUTHOR of a source. It could just be a meme, an idea floating around, present in everybodys head, yet nobody knows the exact person who started it.
This is the reason, why I always tried to find the author, but tolt the story anyway, if I couldn't find him.
I see myself as an insider on internet underground culture.
I'm not a very good troll or the master of the Internet, but I know enough to pick the reliable informations out from the noise.
I see beauty in trolling. It's not everytime, but trolling can be such a art, that I wanted to work out both the ugly and the beautiful sides of trolling.

Q: What about the design of this website? #

I choose to write the online version of the thesis in the style of an imageboard, as an hommage to the imageboard/chan-culture, which is said to be a paradise for trolls.

Q: Rule 1&2? #

1:...only apply during raids!
2: The kind of people that would read a thesis about troll culture is not exactly the dumb kid kind of newfag you don't want to have on /b/.
3: read it yourself ;) I made it pretty clear that everybody new to 4chan should STFU and lurk moar.

Oh and...
4: 4chan is not that big mystery place anymore. If anybody who was longer than a
few months on the Internet hears that ebaums did something, they know the truth.

Q: Why does your book look so crappy? Why print it in Arial? #

A: It's a book about trolls, and since I'm a designstudent I see lots of
helveticahipsters everyday and some lecturers teached me to never ever use
arial or something like this again in first semester!

Trolling my academy and all of the hipsters by just printing the book in arial with COMIC SANS MS headlines sounds like a good idea to me.

Besides that, what's wrong with Arial?
Helvetica is just an old font, that works excellent in print but later just got scanned in without much adaption to the screen.
Yes, it's true, Microsoft ripped it, but they also put pretty much work into making it look good on the screen.
However, Arial is not neccessarily optimised for print, but it doesn't look bad either.
In my opinion, the content is much more important than which fuckin' font I'll pick, or the paper (heavy paper is still cool, because it makes the book look thicker), or whatever.

And Comic Sans is fine too in my opinion. It just got overused.